Robot Game Squad

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game – Robot Game Squad Playthrough

Friend to the site MScott dropped in for my scheduled board game stream and I taught him the fun cooperative card game Lord of the Rings. Using the OCTGN software we were able to have a nice online play area. The beginning of the video also serves as a nice tutorial as I was getting MScott up to speed and we played the first quest from the Core Set.

Mike Plays Mario Tennis 64 – a Shakespearean Tragedy

Holy wibbly wobbly I’m bad at games! I was so excited for the new series we are starting up, Retro Duels. The kids and I are going to face off playing retro multiplayer games every weekend. But if I can’t beat the Luigi bot on Normal…yikes. Anyway Casandra said I needed to post this for posterity. I did utter the phrase “the other side of the bread” so I may be known for that eventually.